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MH: Kurokawa Myuji by DjNekoiNeko MH: Kurokawa Myuji by DjNekoiNeko
Update 3/20/2014:i finally took the time to find a voice sample //sobs; and also update relationships : >

Name: Kurokawa, Myuji

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Date of birth: Sept 18

Blood Type: AB

Class: 3-D

Year: 3rd Year

Height: 5'6" (167.64m)

Staying: At home

Club: Gardening

Personality: Myuji is a very self-conscious and paranoid boy. His way of thinking gets the better of him giving him a hard time to believe or even trust people even if they are kind. He believes in making a good impression with the people he meets yet fears that they will judge him especially on the way he looks such as his ears. When he was younger, his mother always gave him short haircuts and his ears seemed to be the most noticeable feature of his body making people make fun of him for it and calling him "Dumbo". That nickname also was created for the way Myuji acted, he acted incredibly like a klutz and an airhead. This gave Myuji a slightly rude quality because he would always randomly space out or daydream during conversations which he learned himself in class. Putting aside flaws, Myuji is a kind and pure to heart child, he always tries his best to meet peoples expectations and is very lenient with a lot of things. He is a hard worker but sometimes gets distracted and procrastinates easily giving him the grades he has, he questions how he got so far into his third year at all. 

History: Myuji grew up together with his brother, Aito as well as his mother and father in Kamikawa prefecture. He grew up prosperous and a very outgoing child even though he was bullied for his looks in his younger years of elementary. Myuji is very spoiled by his mother but he does not take advantage of the things he is gifted therefore, he appreciates every little bit of thing and he especially, dearly cares and is attached to his older brother. Growing up bullied, Myuji struggled with beliving in himself and being comfortable with who he was yet, in the end, the person who was there for him and to protect him was Aito. They always played together and did everything when they were younger and as time grew, they eventually had to move away from Kamikawa. During his school years, Myuji resided within Chitose junior high and was actually very glad to be able to move away with his family to another area, Hida. It was a new time for Myuji, he hoped this time he wouldn't be bullied too much and hopefully wished that people would have matured. Myuji currently now lives with his mother and his father whom works late but is rarely seen at home unless on the weekends or super late at night. Aito currently has moved away to attend to university while Myuji is considered to go to Miyagawa High which tugs at Myuji's heart alittle since he must now do things on his own and not expect protection in return, hopefully, a new life awaits for the now growing Myuji.

+ Colorful clothes and trinkets 
+ Flowers and Giraffes
+ Glasses
+ Nature
+ Classical music 
+ Patterns
+ Baking/Cooking (Semi-good)
+ Sweaters
- His ears
- Obnoxious/Stuck up people
- Being messed with/made fun of
- Too much work 
- Bad grades
- Long hair (on him/on guys)
- Piercings/Body Modification/Tattoos (It's painful!)
- Super tall people

- voice: 0:00 - 0:42…;
- Messes with his hair a ton mainly to hide his ears
- Cuts his own hair since it is fast growing
- Actions speak louder than words
- Has a pet rabbit named Purin
- Has an older brother named Aito (24)
- Grows his own little garden with his mother
- Collects cute/colorful trinkets and stuffed animals
- Has a ton of different colored glasses since he knew that they would break from his klutziness

Aito (Brother) - "oniichan...I'm gonna miss you a lot when you go away ! "
Yokoyama Takashi - "ahh... h-he is really nice to me, I'm glad that we could be friends, really glad ! though, I'm scared I come off as a weirdo..."
Yukimura Shiro - ";_;..he..h-he is a little mean but I have high hopes that there is still some good in him ! "
Hotaru Tachibana -"He is nice ! He seems a little clumsy, almost like me perhaps? ahah ! Hopefully we can become good friends ! "
Niigata Goro - "She was loud, it was a little scary...ah...maybe she did it on accident..i'd hope so"
Kizami Miya - "He is literally shady! Also rude! I cannot believe someone to treat a senpai like this...especially after being nice or, trying to"
Kobayashi Rem - "I had just met him...and he is already showing me he is a pervert ! who comes to school without his pants?"
Wakashiba Syrus - "...a birdman perhaps? Will he grow up old and still feed birds?"
Ishida Sayo - "Helping me out already and offering to wash my strawberry juiced sweater? I already give all my thanks to her, a million perhaps ! Though, seemed to eye me like a piece of cute thing but, she's really nice"
Nagamine Shintarou - "...╬ಠิ﹏ಠิ ..m-my name is not MyuMyu, o-okay ?! ...and stop ruining my gardens..giraffe man"
Takahashi Choukishi - "Ahh...Such a good photographer, I hope we can capture memories of our friendship together !"
Fujioka Takashi - "I..feel like a big dummy in front of this person but, running with this person seems mind releasing"
Tohzaka Akano - "---"
Sakurai Sumie - "---"
Kobayashi Gakuto - "---"
Rizzo Danielle - "---"
Kayo Izumi - "---"
Kamiya Kumori - "---"
Joong, Sae - "---"
Tomoko Mae - "---"
Kouen Nero - "---"
Nagao Minoru - "---"

-If I forgot someone, please tell me //cries; i have a ton of rps that i lose track of ppl 

I do skype and comments (only if you cannot use skype): Literature Style
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